The banking sector includes a variety of specific industries ranging from the pure banking activity to factoring, leasing and credit unions. In the recent years the trend for disintermediation has brought to different banking models such as peer-to-peer financing platforms and blockchain.

Our team has been involved in providing consulting services on the structuring of new products, modelling of operational and credit risk in accordance with the major international compliance rules. For example, we have been long collaborating with EBRD on front office and providing commercial support. Recently we also have been involved in the development of peer-to-peer platforms and blockchain securitization. These projects were possible due to our expertise in IT, operation modelling and the structuring of front office products.

Some of our projects:

Banca Intesa
Investor business due diligence of startup in healthcare and fintech to support investing strategy of the bank.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Business development and projects scouting to support the bank expansion in Italy.

Fiditalia SpA - Groupe Société Générale
Operational Risk Management areas IT and organisation, antifraud procedures, implementation of a business continuity system, control and coordination of tasks in a M&A project.

Generali Investments
Support for the migration of the trading platform. Migration and upgrade of the application and services to new infrastructure. Migration of the Trading Desk unit recorded phone line system. Setup of the different data flow with other financial companies.

Banca IMI
Software automation platform for the Quantitative Structuring team.

Definition of multidimensional Scoring model for evaluating development perspectives on the regional level.

International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Development of credit risk tools for Ukrainian banks, introduction of specific agri-loan/financing products, training for bank loan officers aimed to support agricultural production by enhancing banks' agrilending capacity.

Creation of the peer-to-peer platform that helps to manage processes between small agribusiness, banks, insurance companies and input suppliers. Agrianalytica is an innovative fintech platform works at the intersection of agriculture, technology and finance. It uniquely combines farm management software, marketplace functionalities and farmer credit risk assessment.
Key functionalities for farmers include a business plan, accounting, managerial accounting, reporting and analytics, production tracker and benchmarking, monitoring (plan vs actual). Smart, simple, powerful farm management software helps farmers to make better
business decisions.
Other clients use our value-added services: 1) banks/creditors can immediately connect to up to date data (both borrower's and benchmarks) to make credit decisions quickly and with confidence, monitor loans. 2) insurance companies can offer their agro-insurance products, embed them into farmers business plan so that farmers can evaluate costs/benefits of agro-insurance. 3) input suppliers can offer technologies and their price lists to farmers to compare and place orders.

Supply Chain Finance Platform
Development of an innovative fintech marketplace to support the supply chain financing. The objective of the marketplace is to collect, on one hand, short-term commercial assets of certified quality, and on the other, funds and financial investors willing to purchase these assets, thus financing mainly SMEs that would normally have difficulties to reach and/or grant a credit line.
Some of the unique characteristics of the platform are: Certified commercial debt; a transparent and shared Supplier onboard process; competitive, clear and transparent rules; low- and high-quality counterparts risk.
This project is created in collaboration with TXT Spa as the technical partner and Milan Polytechnic University as the research partner.
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