Food & Packaging

This sector includes the wide range of industries engaged in food processing. Depending upon stage of manufacturing reached, the companies are divided into primary processing (for example, those that deal with extraction of oils) and secondary processing industries (such as the confectionery or beer industries). Currently the processing of raw materials into consumer products employs a large number of employees even though automatisation and the streamlining of the processes are getting more and more importance. Evolving processes and quality standards require food safety and sustainability compliance, employee trainings and review of the supply chain.
We know market particularities and have matured experience working with international companies within food & packaging industry.

Some of our projects:

European Food Safety Authority
Design and delivery of educational modules for the strategic management training of department, unit and team managers.

Fimat Srl
Implementation of GMP, HARA and BRC for food contact materials


Advisory in the acquisition of a Slovenian competitor and in finding and structuring the required acquisition finance.

Zini Pasta
Market analysis for Russia and the United States, creation of JV, organisation of promotional events.
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