Healthcare & Biotechnology

To the present day three main healthcare models can be distinguished: the National Health Service model, that of social insurance and that of private insurance. Currently in industrialised countries the healthcare policy tends to meet two objectives: macroeconomic efficiency (healthcare spending must be equated to other economic policy objectives); and microeconomic efficiency (a set of services must be selected that maximises both the healthcare product and the benefits to consumers, minimising production costs).

The activities we carry out for this sector include the development of the legal and regulatory base, certification, accreditation, development of quality and safety standards, implementation of quality management systems, clinical trials, clinical risk management models, compliance and pharmaceutics.
To this end, and together with our Serbian partners, we have implemented various projects in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. We have also developed a new programme in Tatarstan region of Russia regarding quality management in medical organisations.

Some of our projects:

Lombardy Department of Health
Introduction of performance management systems in four pilot Health Authorities.

European Commission
Design and pilot delivery of an executive master programme for the management training of Serbian hospital managers.

World Health Organization
Costing of medical and nursing education in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

World Bank
Design and pilot delivery of educational modules for the management training of the directors of Kazakhstani hospital trusts.

Professional Derma
Development of the entry strategy and certification procedures of the medical devices in Russia and Ukraine.
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