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Infrastructure, Transport, Urban Planning

Infrastructure means the set of elements that shape a territory based upon human needs make it consequently more or less liveable. Depending on location and use, infrastructures may be 'soft' or 'hard'. In the former case, this refers to the basics such as prisons, police stations, courts, hospitals, etc. The latter, on the other hand, consists of a network of interconnected systems and services such as transportation networks consisting of railways, canals, roads, pipelines, etc.

Many events are organised with the aim of incentivising and facilitating relationships between Italian companies and foreign partners interested in investing in the infrastructures sector. The major initiatives include the conference "Il corridoio Trans-Eurasiatico RAZVITIE un motore di nuova industrializzazione" (The Trans-Eurasian corridor of RAZVITIE: a motor of new industrialisation) held in 2012 in collaboration with CERTET of the Bocconi University (Transport and Tourism Regional Centre) and the EXPO 15-20 project aimed at facilitating encounters between Italian and foreign business interests.

In this perspective, we have collaborated with Millennium Bank and Metropolitane Milanesi on the Moscow Ring Railroad project providing legal and technical advice.
In China we are planning a consultancy job for the industrial site of Yunfu Sino-Italia Industry Park, a site ready to accommodate Italian companies wishing to localise production in the Far East.

Some of our projects:

Creation of a multifunctional communications plan (selected industry and company relevant news and mapped specialised journalists covering aviation industry) resulting in 20% increased media presence for Airbus.

European Commission
Sustainable Plan for Integrated Development through the European Rail network. Projecting logistics and mobility for Urban Spatial design evolution.

Rail Services
Development of the business plan for a new cogeneration plant.

Hupac Intermodal SA
The role of the new rail axe between Italy and Switzerland in reshaping Italian Northwestern Regions Logistics.
Given the interest of HUPAC to consolidate its market in Northern Italy, the consultancy dealt with the infrastructural features and freight flows design across the Alps and its economic returns. The study was supported by the Swiss Government.

Business development and project scouting on the Russian market.

The two parts of the study concerned the transport economic feasibility of the railway territorial connections to the airport and its ex-ante economic and financial evaluation. The study was one of the periodical support to SEA on the railway accessibility to the airport and turned out with a successful financial funding by the European Commission.

Assolombarda, Fondazione Edison
Opportunities and criticality in the redesign of public services aimed at a reorganisation of the State.

Ferrovie Nord SpA
Feasibility analysis to attract private investments and to use innovative financial tools in the realisation of the rail connection of terminals at Malpensa Airport.

European Commission
A European-funded project dealing with the risks of drought. We participated to a multinational and multidisciplinary group, whose aim was to evaluate the impact of water shortage as a cyclical consequence of climate change. The economic aspects that were dealt by our exclusive consulting and study activities – with different case studies analysed over Europe – concerned the related impacts on the sectors of energy, agriculture, food industry and prices of final goods.

Autostrade per l'Italia
The non financial aspects of public-private partnership in the transport infrastructure sector: opportunities and threats for the Italian market.
Within the pluriannual agreement of an “Infrastructure Laboratory” with Autostrade per l’Italia, we developed advisory activities on the economic and institutional feasibility of the implementation of public-private partnerships in the road sector, on the ground of worldwide best practices.

European Space Agency
Space based services for Railway signalling. Economic and non economic viability evaluation.
In the framework of a project dedicated to the development of an innovative solution for railway signalling based on satellite technologies, the consulting team has concentrated its activities of the feasibility analysis on potential demand and using advanced techniques of cost-benefits analysis

General Manager of the Italian branch of Kongsberg Power Products System (naval)
Advisory in the acquisition of 100% of the capital of the branch and in finding and structuring the required acquisition finance.

A.M. General Contractor
Development of the entry strategy on the UK market.

MM Spa (Milan Metro engineering company)
Development of a joint venture with RZD (Russian Railways).

Port Authority of Civitavecchia
The socio-economic effects of the cruise sector in Civitavecchia.
The port of Civitavecchia is the “port” of Rome, with great impact on the touristic sector, a great interest of tour operators for its efficiency and significant effects on the surrounding territorial development. Among others, these were the main issues tackled by the consulting activities.
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