Corporate Finance, Accounting, Tax & Audit

Accounting, National Taxation, M&A, Investment planning, Private Equity, Compliance & licensing
Corporate Finance, Accounting, Tax & Audit
Accounting, National Taxation, M&A, Investment planning, Private Equity, Compliance & licensing
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Introducing the right financial models, managing the risks, choosing the correct investment planning can be a challenge for startups, and for large enterprises as well.
Our team offers a wide range of services in corporate finance, tax and accounting, helping companies operate on domestic and foreign markets. Among our experts the majority are certified CPA and Auditors, who bring together years of experience, insights and key partnerships to reach the desired results.

How we can help

Capital Budgeting and Investment Planning
Company resources are, by definition, limited. It is, therefore, essential to evaluate their availability in order to carry out the correct and effective planning of investments. The development and formalisation of a strategy is the key for adequate company growth which defines its characteristics, steps and risks.
Company Restructuring
In times of crisis or expansion companies should be ready to address rapid changes and be equipped with the necessary tools for that. Often, specific professional consultancy is required along with an internal reorganisation that crosses three phases:
  • Analysis of the activities, comparison with the relevant market, development of an outgoing hypothesis
  • Re-implementation of the company by way of a credible business plan
  • Determination of the financial resources necessary to cover unsecured credits
Valuations and Appraisals of Assets
Sometimes happens that a company requires a specific valuation of an asset. This measurement has now become necessary in at least four areas:
  • Development, integration and restructuring strategy (M&A operation)
  • Formation of financial statements
  • Periodic estimate of corporate performance
  • Corporate guarantees
The choice of the model to be used for assigning a value and the purpose for which the valuation is made are important factors which affect the result that is obtained.

Support to Foreign Companies in Italy
Our capacity to provide support to a foreign company intending to invest in Italy is a guarantee for those companies that must necessarily come into contact with a language and legal system that is different from their own. Our professionals are able to liaise in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese.

The available services include:
  • Incorporation of corporate forms
  • Support for obtaining permits and licences
  • Compliance, even integrated with the regulations in force in the home countries
  • Establishment and management of tax representation
  • Definition of the best form of governance
  • Tax management of "expatriate" personnel
Read more about our Business Localization solutions for managing foreign companies in Italy.
Accounting and Financial Statements, National Taxation
This service includes all activities relating to the proper recording of corporate events as required by the tax laws. The activities may be ongoing or periodic, depending on whether they are performed continuously or at certain times of the year. For companies operating at the national, as well as on foreign markets.
Tax Disputes
We assist our clients at every state of the tax dispute: in verification of notices of assessment, payment orders for submission at the appropriate authorities of applications for cancellation under internal review, tax settlements, suspension, appeal and any other settlement act.
Antonio Battaglia
Deputy Head of Finance and Accounting practice
Antonio Battaglia is a Senior Partner with SSC. After a short spell with Arthur Andersen, he decided to continue his professional career by qualifying and working as a Chartered Accountant (since 1990) and a Registered Auditor (since 1995). Antonio concentrated his efforts on tax, corporate and accounting issues while paying attention to his clients' treasury management. He supported his clients in obtaining government assisted funding, provided debt restructuring solutions, economic and financial reporting. Since 1995, Antonio has been involved in structured public finance with the aim of regional development. He is part of the team working on the Territorial Pact for the Catanzaro Isthmus, the PRUSST and the PRU of Catanzaro, Calabria. In 2001, he was appointed a Director of Assindustria Servizi and in 2002 as a Director of Cofidi's Centre of Technical Assistance. Antonio collaborates with Bocconi SDA in the creation of a rating model for risk assessment on the issue of guarantees in favor of SMEs and on bank credit.

Antonio graduated from the Sapienza University of Rome in 1987.
Alberto Trinca
Head of Finance and Accounting practice, expert in strategic and financial management solution
Alberto Trinca is a Senior Partner with SSC.
Since 2002 he is a Qualified Chartered Accountant and a Registered Auditor. Before completing his MBA Alberto has been introduced to international finance by working for the Investment Services Group of Credit Suisse First Boston in London and by completing an internship program in the Financial Institution Group of Lehman Brothers where he had the chance to deepen his financial modelling and analysis skills.

After completing his MBA in 2003 Alberto started his career as a financial professional in Milan, contributing to the development of BGPS, a start-up of a corporate finance boutique providing an appropriate range of financial services and then working as Senior Investment Manager for Alto Partners, an independent private equity firm investing in small and medium-sized Italian companies, where he was able to execute almost dozen transactions until 2013. Since then, he established NOVAdvisory, an independent advisory boutique working alongside industrial families and managers to support generational transition and growth programs through strategic and financial management solutions.

Alberto holds a degree in Business Administration from Venezia University and an MBA from Bocconi University in Milan.