For almost a decade now a lot has been said about the concept of industry 4.0 which suggests a new industrial model pervaded and transformed by the new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, blockchain and Internet of Things. Certainly, Digital Transformation is a gradual process that allows by planning the activities to radically transform the business model, internalising technology and infrastructure, which are the basis for such important topics as privacy and cyber security.
Covid-19 pandemic made it evident that few production and service companies have introduced a consistent digital strategy that can foster the new business model and integrate tools and technologies in their daily work. Indeed, most of the operational processes can be optimised through proper planning and with the use of right tools and methodologies.

To create a digital ecosystem doesn't mean to simply introduce ICT solutions but to rethink the new organisation model of the company. For example, by moving from the traditional retail model to complete digitalisation of all of its processes, Amazon became able to respond better to clients' needs and expectations, personalising the offer and innovating logistics.
In fact, in this decade we arrived from having a system where the largest part of value, 80% of the companies listed on the Stock Exchange was physical assets, to its opposite with the same 80% of value that are intangible assets.

Some of our projects:

Business plan for the provision of cloud computing capacity on new markets.

Alto Partners Private Equity
Buy-and-build strategy on a start-up operating in the DPO, BPO and Digital Solutions & Services. The turnover of the company initially was of about €5 million and after two acquisitions it was sold to a multinational company when the turnover was more than €30 million.

A.M. General Contractor
Business development activities on the Russian market.

Cannon SpA
Development of an entry strategy on the Chinese market.

SAMA Project
Leading of a recruiting pilot project in the Middle East for an early stage tech start-up that has recently successfully closed funding round at $1.2M.
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