Energy & Sustainability

Currently a large part of the world's energy system is based upon primary sources of fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) that are burned to meet 80% of the world's needs. These are exhaustible primary sources that, still today, leave a residual margin (approximately 10%) for the use of what, on the other hand, are considered renewable energy sources (hydroelectric, biomass, solar, geothermal and wind) that are gaining most attention and importance over the years.
For many years now we are accompanying our clients operating in Energy & Sustainability sector on their way to a more optimised, efficient and compliant business.

Some of our projects:

ENI Group
Benchmarking with other oil majors and organizational redesign and definition of funding mechanisms for Corporate Medical Services.

Enel Foundation
Scenarios for e-mobility (2015)
Given the interest of ENEL to enter the market of e-mobility, the consulting activity was deemed to design different scenarios on the opportunities of providing energy and consequently realise potential investments.

Mita Group (wastewater management)
Definition and implementation of international business strategy.

Biancamano Group SpA
Set up of the compliance model, covering anti-bribery, money laundering and conflict of interest risks. Scouting for M&A opportunity and JV in former CSI Countries, with focus in Ukraine, Russia and Moldova.

A producer of process equipment for the environmental sector, with our help was able to develop major projects in Russia and in the Ukraine in the environmental, energy, food and agro-industrial sectors.
The close collaboration between the Lombardy group and Strategia & Sviluppo also contributed to the success abroad of Turbo Tecnologia, an advanced patented Vomm system able to simplify and reduce the costs of industrial processes.
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