Governance & Compliance

Risk management, Compliance Models, Business Continuity, ESG, NFRD

Governance & Compliance
Risk management, Compliance Models, Business Continuity, ESG, NFRD
Governance is a key sector in development strategy. Through governance an organisation is able to measure and control the ordinary and extraordinary operations.
We have developed a wide experience in governance and compliance that in our vision should be considered in the larger sense of measurement, process control and improvement of daily operations.

For healthy and sustainable business growth, companies need to best exploit the contents of regulatory compliance in order to plan a long-term governance process.
To that end, we provide our clients with the customised solutions not only to identify the best corporate governance structure, but also to implement the main compliance models provided in Italy (and in some other systems), as well as support during audit and investigation phases.

How we can help

Risk management models
The correct forecasting of risks is one of the crucial factors for the success of a company. By way of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) model, every company can optimise the management of risks even in their interconnections.
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Compliance Models
Companies are subject to forms of mandatory governance, i.e. required by law, based upon the geographical area in which they operate, the sector or their size. These are usually control procedures aimed at ensuring a minimum level of business organisation and at limiting third party liability. From the many models proposed by the Italian system, the most common are based in the legislation of Legislative Decree 231, in Law no. 262 or in Articles 106 and 107 of the Consolidated Finance Law.
Environmental Social Governance and compliance with NFRD
In accordance with Environmental Social Governance European companies need to follow European NFRD (Non-financial reporting directive) and describe their social and environmental impact in the annual report.
The bigger companies also have to make sure their suppliers are sustainable and compliant at every step of production.
We provide assistance in the report and non-financial disclosure preparation in accordance with GRI and IIW guidelines.
Forensic & Investigation
Compliance must be guaranteed at all times, especially in the event of investigations by the judiciary or other authorities. The investigative part, even if necessarily in support of the forensic function, may be conducted independently and preventively. Correct monitoring of the models functioning, therefore, is an essential presupposition for avoiding the sanctions. Indeed, often the judiciary may request the support of experts in that field during the investigation phase.
Luca B. Fornaroli
Deputy Governance & Compliance practice
Luca B. Fornaroli is an expert in the fields of Compliance, Risk Management and Organisational and HR issues. In the last years he has developed a sound experience in the design and implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices, hazard analysis and risk assessment for Food Contact Materials industry and manufacturing and financial sectors, in compliance with Italian and European Law and International standards and certifications (DM 21.03.1973, Reg. EC 1935/2004, Reg. EC 2023/2006, Reg EU 10/2011, DLGS 231/2001, UK Bribery Act, British Retail Consortium, International Food Standards). In the past he has worked as Organizational consultant in consumer credit area, in projects related to M&A, Operational Risk Management, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, anti-fraud procedures, efficiency and TLC. Luca B. is an expert of the organizational criticality in SMEs and a teacher in professional and management courses for SMEs, MNCs and institutions. He is member of the board of AIBO - Associazione Italiana Business Operators and a member of Sustainability and Technical Commissions of Italian Institute of Packaging.

He earned a BSc (with Honours) in Politics and International Relations and an LLM (with Merit) in Law and Development (University of London).
Fabrizio Zucca
Founder of Strategia & Sviluppo Consultants
Fabrizio Zucca is Chairman and Founder of SSC. At present he is Academic Fellow at Bocconi Business School and Member of the Scientific Committee at Eurispes (the most important independent Italian Think tank). Fabrizio has been visiting professor in few universities and business schools in Russia, Ukraine and China and lecturer in many international conferences worldwide. He has a working knowledge of Italian, English, French, German and Russian and a basic knowledge of Spanish, Chinese and Turkish.

Besides the academic background he has worked for the Regional Government of Lombardy in Healthcare Planning and Healthcare Fund Management, then for ING Bank in Risk management and HSBC bank in Corporate Finance. After HSBC, his last experience as employee was CFO at Robert Bosch GmbH Italy. From 2004 he works as Consultant before setting up SSC in 2010.

Fabrizio has two higher education degrees in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan and in International affairs from Milan State University. He also holds a degree in Projects Development obtained from Milan Institute of Political Studies (ISPI).