Sustainability & Circular Economy

Regional Development, Smart cities, Sustainable Energy, Waste management

Sustainability & Circular Economy
Regional Development, Smart cities, Sustainable Energy, Waste management
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Responsible and ethical production and consumption redefines growth, allowing to reduce waste and proliferate society-wise benefits. The crucial question here is: How can waste be transformed into a resource, that would produce new value?
In fact, paying attention to sustainability in business can become a new advantage. Sustainable design, prevention and reuse of waste can be profitable: across the EU it has a potential to generate up to 604 billion euro net, which is 8% of the annual turnover. At the same time, the reduction of greenhouse effect is estimated by 2-4 % (450 billions of ton annually).
For companies adhering to sustainable initiatives means staying among the leaders by strengthening corporate reputation, innovating their products, optimising operations, reducing costs in the long term, and pursuing opportunities in the new markets.

SSC has a unique set of competences in sustainability and development. We have advised and worked in a number of projects in:
• Regional development
• Transport economics
• Waste management
• Real estate
• Smart cities
• Energy

A solid set of knowledge has been integrated into a holistic and comprehensive view of sustainability and circular economy to serve as a proper tool to advise companies and public organisations developing an appropriate strategy to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
It is time to change and get ready for the brighter, sustainable future.
The Sustainable Development Goals are the United Nations blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The 17 Goals address the global challenges and are all interconnected.
They are foreseen to be achieved by 2030 with the joint help of both single individuals and companies .

How we can help

Environmental Social Governance and compliance with NFRD
In accordance with Environmental Social Governance European companies that need to follow European NFRD (Non-financial reporting directive) and include their social and environmental impact in the annual report. In specific, sustainability report requires companies to disclose information about their policies (including implemented due diligence processes), outcomes, risks and risk management, and key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to the business with respect to the following issues: environment, social and employee issues, human rights, and bribery and corruption.

We provide assistance with the report and non-financial disclosure preparation in accordance with GRI and IIW guidelines.

The bigger companies that are obliged to draw up a non-financial report, have to also make sure their suppliers are sustainable and compliant at every process of production.
Read more about our Sustainability of Supply Chain solutions.
Operations for Circular Economy projects
We work on projects related to transport economics, regional and urban development, smart cities and waste management, both for public and private infrastructures.
The analysis of all single aspects of the cycle as a whole is important to integrate them into a geographic boundaries and to establish the right links between the infrastructure and the SDG system.
We offer business planning, cost – benefit analysis, modelling and developing indicators, big data analysis services.
Fabrizio Zucca
Founder of Strategia & Sviluppo Consultants
Fabrizio Zucca is a Chairman and Founder of SSC. At present he is an Academic Fellow at Bocconi Business School and Member of the Scientific Committee at Eurispes (the most important independent Italian Think tank). Fabrizio has been visiting professor in few universities and business schools in Russia, Ukraine and China and lecturer in many international conferences worldwide. He has a working knowledge of Italian, English, French, German and Russian and a basic knowledge of Spanish, Chinese and Turkish.

Besides the academic background he has worked for the Regional Government of Lombardy in Healthcare Planning and Healthcare Fund Management, then for ING Bank in Risk management and HSBC bank in Corporate Finance. After HSBC, his last experience as employee was CFO at Robert Bosch GmbH Italy. From 2004 he works as Consultant before setting up SSC in 2010.

Fabrizio has two higher education degrees in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan and in International affairs from Milan State University. He also holds a degree in Projects Development obtained from Milan Institute of Political Studies (ISPI).
Maryna Anikieieva
Deputy Head of Circular Economy practice, expert in management with law background
Maryna Anikieieva is an Associate with SSC. After graduation she worked at Società Dante Alighieri in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of the Italian Embassy in Kyiv. After obtaining Master degree, Maryna did an Internship at Ogilvy Italy, global advertising & marketing agency, as Assistant to New Business Director, where she was engaged in business development, PR and communication activities. She completed her studies with a course in International Contracts at the New Institute of International Business (NIBI) in Milan. Maryna works on a regular basis in English, Russian, Italian and Ukrainian and has a basic knowledge of French. Lately, she has developed great interest in the issues regarding sustainability and circular economy.

Maryna graduated in International Law (with Honours) from Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (Ukraine). She continued her studies in Milan (Italy) obtaining a master's degree in Communication for International Relations at the IULM University.