Organisation & Capacity Building

Project Management, Personnel training, Human Resources Management

Organisation & Capacity Building
Project Management, Personnel training, Human Resources Management
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An adequate design of organisational variables is essential to ensure thorough implementation of strategies for any firm or institution, regardless of whether they are pursuing growth or restructuring.

Strong skilful team, provident leadership, adequate organisational structure are the basis of successful strategic transformations.
SSC has long-standing expertise in assessing the fit between strategy and structure. We redesign critical processes and deliver targeted capacity building plans suitable to help the employees contribute effectively to strategic success.
With a strong team, no matter what change should await, your company can sail through any challenge even stronger.

How we can help

Project and process management
  • Business process mapping and functional analysis
  • Assistance in the change management due to internationalization processes with special attention to multicultural issues in human resources management and in enterprise's culture.
  • Design and implementation of performance management systems and resource allocation mechanisms
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Personnel Training
  • Skill gap and training needs analysis
  • Enhancement of the human capital through dedicated educational and training paths and company coaching aimed at goals sharing, development of motivational
    leverages and gradual people empowerment.
  • Design and delivery of customised training plans for senior and middle managers, also in e-learning and "blended" format
Building Organisational structure
  • Design or re-engineering of organisational structures with a special attention to decision making mechanisms, leadership, information flows and to the flexibility of the structure against potential unexpected changes.
  • Design of job descriptions and selection requirements
  • Putting into effect within the company's organisation of national, foreign and international regulations: adoption of the provided models (e.g. Italian d. lgs 231/01 or British Bribery Act), compliance with the guidelines of international institutions (e.g. Oecd's Guidelines for Multinational Corporations).
Luca Brusati
Head of Organisation & Capacity building practice, expert in Economics and Management
Luca Brusati is a Senior Partner with SSC. Since 2004 he is a management professor at Udine University, where he established and coordinates the Laboratory for Research in Economics and Management, as well as a fellow with Bocconi School of Management. He contributes on a regular basis to the management courses of universities in Austria, Poland and Slovenia as a visiting professor. He works on a regular basis in English and in Russian.

Following his PhD Luca worked as an assistant professor of management for Bocconi University from 1996 to 2004; from 1999 to 2001, though, he took leave of absence to serve as a programme manager with WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen. Over his career he worked as an advisor for the European Commission, the UN, WHO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNAIDS, the World Bank, OSCE, Eurocontrol, the Global Fund, the Soros Foundation and the Italian Ministries of Education and of Foreign Affairs.

Luca holds a Master of Arts and a PhD in Management from Bocconi University in Milan and spent a full year with New York University as a visiting scholar.
Luca B. Fornaroli
Deputy Governance & Compliance practice
Luca B. Fornaroli is an expert in the fields of Compliance, Risk Management and Organisational and HR issues. In the last years he has developed a sound experience in the design and implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices, hazard analysis and risk assessment for Food Contact Materials industry and manufacturing and financial sectors, in compliance with Italian and European Law and International standards and certifications (DM 21.03.1973, Reg. EC 1935/2004, Reg. EC 2023/2006, Reg EU 10/2011, DLGS 231/2001, UK Bribery Act, British Retail Consortium, International Food Standards). In the past he has worked as Organizational consultant in consumer credit area, in projects related to M&A, Operational Risk Management, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, anti-fraud procedures, efficiency and TLC. Luca B. is an expert of the organizational criticality in SMEs and a teacher in professional and management courses for SMEs, MNCs and institutions. He is member of the board of AIBO - Associazione Italiana Business Operators and a member of Sustainability and Technical Commissions of Italian Institute of Packaging.

He earned a BSc (with Honours) in Politics and International Relations and an LLM (with Merit) in Law and Development (University of London).