C2B Digital Strategy

C2B Digital Strategy
C2B (customer-to-business) is an approach to the creation and constant improvement of digital strategy and communication. At the basis of this approach is the wish to develop a product or service, based on the "Voice of the Customer", that is customer reviews, ratings, engagement metrics, data on web reputation etc.
This two-way communication is equally beneficial both for the customers and the company. It allows to ideate new products/services based on the clients' needs, and thus to satisfy customers, at the same time lowering the risks related to the introduction of new products to the market.

This way, the clients can make an impact on the product/service evolution, while the company opens new ways of improving customer experience.
C2B Digital Strategy Model
C2B Digital Strategy Model
C2B strategy itinerary:
Analysis of the digital ecosystem
● Competitor analysis and as-is analysis of the ecosystem
● We define the gaps and ways to work on them, based on the business model
● Quality and quantity analysis and "ecosystem health report"
Strategy development
● Definition of the strategy and communication plan.
● Choice of communication channels and tools
● Creation of content plan
● Definition of the roadmap and KPI metrics
Strategy implementation and monitoring
● With the use of relevant content we have a constant open dialog with
the clients to better meet their expectations and needs
● Monitoring of web reputation and general dynamics
Digital ecosystem analysis
We start with the analysis of the current state of ecosystem to have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses, take into consideration the industry particularities, competitor activity and best practices.
Besides the web reputation and sentiment analysis, we check the level of strategic integration of all the social media channels and SEO settings and techniques.
We compare the performance of competitors for better understanding of the industry trends and the company positioning.

Analysis of both the company channels of the digital ecosystem (website or app, social media, paid media, customer service)
External sources such as rating apps and websites, review platforms, social media groups

• Gap analysis and SEO best practices
• Analysis and recommendations on effective social media management
• Reputation analysis and recommendations for further improvement
• Comparative analysis with three competitors
Strategy development
After the primary analysis, understanding the improvement points, detection of starting points for the further work, we develop the strategy based on a variety of internal and external factors and business model.

At this stage, we define all the relevant KPIs for the strategy, roadmap and deadlines, communication channels development. Then, we determine the budget and plan go on with planning the content which would test if the Unique Selling Proposition responds to the customers' needs and expectations.

• Website and e-commerce settings
• Analysis of the target audience and of the corresponding Unique Selling Proposition
• Action plan for the strategy implementation
• Setting of the budget for strategy implementation
• Roles and responsibilities definition
• Road map, KPIs and deadlines definition
Strategy implementation and monitoring
The third step is the moment of strategy implementation and the consecutive monitoring during the established time period. This allows to ensure its effectiveness and if needed, to modify it in order to get the best results.
We define which marketing channels we should activate and how to connect them in one ecosystem (create an omnichannel) which would make the strategy effective and consistent.

Quality content that responds to the target audience needs, expectations and sentiment, is crucial.
Minimal time for obtaining visible results is 3 month.

• Goals definition and planning of activities for social media management
• Work with communication channels that would have the greatest impact on the successful strategy implementation
• Content creation consulting
• Weekly web reputation and sentiment analysis report
• Weekly KPIs review and reporting
C2B Digital strategy helps to analyse web reputation, strengthen the presence, and identify ways for its improvement. It is useful is you want to evaluate the development potential of your company on the web and to fully actualize it following the strategy, based on the data.
Benefits of introducing C2B Digital Strategy
Complex approach
We work with the whole ecosystem (all the online channels as a whole) of the company for strengthening the brand image and more effective communication with the customers.
Based on data
The strategy is based on statistics and real data about the company-client interaction.
Tool for innovation
Taking "customers' voice" into account during decision-making process can become a tool for further improvement of products/ services and processes optimisation.
Flexible & scalable
C2B Strategy is easily scalable: it can be easily applied at various stages of work or can become the basis of the whole business model.
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